Mini Adventure: Shakespeare in a Multistory Carpark


When I put “see a Shakespeare play I haven’t seen before” on my Birthday List, what I really meant was see Titus Andronicus, which is one of my favourites. At first it’s so gruesome it’s shocking, then it’s so shocking it’s hilarious. It’s Shakespeare totally making fun of the audience for taking itself so seriously: “You want gore? I GIVE YOU TITUS.”


My desire to see Titus exploded into necessity when I found a production starring some Drowned Man actors, taking place in a London multistory carpark, with parkour and beat boxing. So. Cool.

I wish I could tell everyone to run and get tickets, but it was also cool to see their final performance. I can tell you that it ended with a gorgeous view of London’s nighttime skyline, and a pizza pie. Now I need to see Richard III.

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Sunday Sampling: Be Legendary


♡ I love Sarah’s list of 17 little things you can switch around to make life more interesting.

♡ Marketa has a cute little map of her brain. What’s in your brain?

♡ How to be Legendary: a great collection of clips and inspiration from Old Hollywood’s femme fatales!

I am so intrigued by the Library of Scent, and plan to study their guide to creating your bespoke scent!

♡ I have a dream that everyone starts cleaning their houses in rollerblades – and other quirky, utopian dreams.

♡ As usual, Ché’s advice is adorably down-to-earth. Here’s her guide to choosing a career path.

♡ I’m obsessed with these recycled fairy houses that I found whilst seeking inspiration for my Kingdom of Recyclum!

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Which Two Disney Characters are You?

Which Two Disney Characters are You?

Maybe it’s the Which-Character-Are-You Personality-Test-Taking late 90’s kid in me, or the fact that I am firmly a Heroine in Training, but I love figuring out which character I am in everything. Everything. 

Being the enormous Disney geek I am, I’ve thought a lot about the big one: Which Disney character am I? There are so many contenders: Snow White, Pocahontas, Mulan, Marie… 

Well, I realised that I am not any one Disney character, but two, and they pretty much cover it. I am Vanellope from Wreck-It Ralph and Lady from Lady and the Tramp.

Which Two Disney Characters are You?

Like Vanellope, I’m a bit different, a bit sassy, and I dress like a bedazzled tomboy. I’m a toughie [Gryffindor!] with a big heart.

Which Two Disney Characters are You?

I like baking stuff and making my friends presents too.

Which Two Disney Characters are You?

My favourite part of Lady and the Tramp, is the beginning, when our beloved heroine is a tiny pup. I am actually a puppy at heart [it's my animagus]: a feisty and affectionate thing. And hey. No one puts Lady in a basket. 

Which Two Disney Characters are You?

The older Lady is more quiet and elegant, though she still has the capacity for a shrill bark to stand up for what’s right. I also love Italian food.

I’d like to know: which two Disney characters are you?

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P.S. The Monkey is Abu from Aladdin and Wart from The Sword in the Stone.

Mini Adventure: In Search of a Good Book

Mini Adventure: In Search of a Good BookUpon moving to Edinburgh, I discovered a lovely bookshop around the corner called Golden Hare Books. They even have a book club that suits my Birthday List needs. This nearby luxury was short-lived: not long after we met, the hare moved away to a new part of town.

Instead of lamenting the loss of my new love, its relocation became a quest for a mini adventure to Stockbridge, a lovely little pocket of a neighbourhood not too far away. Twas a good way to practice cycling in the big city (bigger than I’ve ever cycled in anyway), and to wander around its paths and corners.

Mini Adventure: In Search of a Good BookMy visit to Stockbridge was short, but in it were many discoveries: someday I must return for their famous Sunday market, and for this week’s Stockfest celebrations. 

Mini Adventure: In Search of a Good Book

Sometimes a destination just slightly out of the way can lead to the most lovely of mini adventures; it’s just a matter of calling it such.

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Sunday Sampling: Identify your real treasures.

Sunday Sampling: identify your real treasures.

♡ 17 Creative Business Lessons I Learned by 17: astute advice from the young and driven Sierra!

♡ Next year I’m totally joining the Great Blogger Bake Off. Some seriously adorable bakes going on there.

♡ 9 steps to taking better pictures: for amateur photographers-in-training like me!

♡ An inspiring project: recreating London Fashion Week runway looks in charity shops.

♡ a cool, sustainable greeting card company.

♡ how identifying your real treasures can help you let go: for minimalists, new and old.

♡ the evolution of the desk: the beautiful, visual, transformation of office spaces!

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