Simple iPhoto Makeover

Simple iPhoto Makeover

Before ^

Even after organizing my iPhoto library into months, it still failed to inspire me. It lacked cohesion, so I turned to my Pinterest profile:

Simple iPhoto Makeover

The Cover image for each board has a white background, with powdery highlights. I decided to go with the same aesthetic for iPhoto.

Simple iPhoto Makeover

After ^

The effect isn’t as clear as in Pinterest due to the dark grey background, but it is an improvement. Now, when I open iPhoto, my focus is less scattered!

What are your tips for making digital organization beautiful?

miss xandra bee

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Extra Mini Adventure: Shopping for a Bin

Extra Mini Adventure: Shopping for a Bin

On Thursday I was so tired in the morning I couldn’t get out of bed. All day. Well, actually, I got up, did my yoga, had a nice breakfast, and when it got to the end of my morning routine I was done. Back to bed.

“We’re getting you out of the house,” said Monkey, when, returning from work around dinner time, found me still in bed. 

“Where are we going?” There wasn’t a plan, exactly, but when we found out John Lewis was still open for another hour, we booked it over to go bin shopping. We’d been meaning to do this for ages.

It wasn’t the most exciting mini adventure, but it was fresh air and fulfillment on an otherwise nothing day. My rest and recuperation were necessary, but getting that nagging task out of the way felt pretty good too.

miss xandra bee

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Sunday Sampling: Burn a Candle for Success


♡ maybe one day I’ll make beautiful hiking journals like these.

♡ buying more stuff will not make you Advert Girl & other thoughts from a newbie minimalist.

♡ these dressing room tips are essential for making the right purchases.

♡ a great guide to getting started with tarot – still hunting for the perfect deck!

♡ cheers to the candle of success! a lovely idea for a ritual.

♡ a good point, and not what you expect: how blogging can make you rich

♡ love this infographic of what happens in Shakespeare’s tragedies, especially Titus Andronicus, my fave.

miss xandra bee


Nothing Minimal About a Marc Jacobs Backpack

Nothing Minimal About a Marc Jacobs Backpack

You know those charity people who linger on the streets in bright t-shirts, holding clipboards, who wave and smile you over to hear their spiel? I usually feel guilty for rushing past them, but on this particular day over the summer, I had some spare time, so I thought I’d at least listen. 

His speech was vague, harsh, and dripping with guilt-trip. Something like “Did you know that x number of kids are starving right now? Do you feel good about that? No? Then give us $10 a month. Okay $5 a month.”

I politely declined. That all sounds theoretically compelling, but when it comes down to it, this is a stranger I just met on the street, telling me vaguely about horrible things that would make anyone feel bad. I prefer to research my charities before investing in them – and that’s part of the reason I stopped to listen: to hear out another story, to inform my decisions.

At first he was cool about my “no”, carrying on the conversation. “What do you do?” As usual, I responded with what I like to do rather than the factual answer. “I write about minimalism, about how having less stuff makes me more mindful.”

“There’s nothing minimal about a Marc Jacobs backpack,” he said with a smirk.

I was taken aback. I managed to reply with a smile that everyone has a different idea of minimalism, and that mine is having one bag that I really love. 

He didn’t know that I had been carrying the same backpack since third grade to its near breaking point, searching for the perfect replacement for nearly a year. He didn’t know that I happened to find this particular bag at the Marc Jacobs accessories store in New York as it entered the shop, still in the wrapping on its first day available for purchase: fate. He didn’t know that one of my best friends had recommended the shop, and that another was accompanying me on my browse, weaving memories into the purchase of what is otherwise just a backpack.

He didn’t need to make assumptions about me, my lifestyle, or my poor bag. He didn’t need to make me feel horrible. But that last one is my own fault, for letting it get to me.

Let’s put this back in context. Here’s a guy who waved me over to tell me about children starving, and ask for my money. Did he single me out because of my designer backpack? Does he think that he’s a better person, because he spends his time asking people for money for charity, while I traipse around with my fancy backpack instead of putting my dollars towards feeding the starving children?

It’s taken this long for me to process this, and now I’m ready to share. So what do you think? Have you been judged, or made to feel guilty because of the things you wear?

miss xandra bee

P.S. While we’re on the subject of questioning one’s purpose/self-worth

Mini Adventure: Tourist in my Own Town

Mini Adventure: Tourist in my Own Town

Despite seeing the Castle daily since arriving in Edinburgh, I had yet to go inside, or even up to its front doors. I knew that it would be beautiful, but of course, beauty is better in person than in theory, so it was worth the uphill trek.

Mini Adventure: Tourist in my Own TownMini Adventure: Tourist in my Own TownMini Adventure: Tourist in my Own TownMini Adventure: Tourist in my Own TownMini Adventure: Tourist in my Own TownMini Adventure: Tourist in my Own TownMini Adventure: Tourist in my Own TownWe often take for granted the wonders in our own backyard. Since they’re right around the corner, we could visit any time right? Why not take some time this week to stop by one of your city’s special sites? Let me know what you find :)

miss xandra bee

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