Birthday List

 Birthday List

I spent the few hours before my birthday [I was born at midnight] composing a list of 24 things to do before I’m 24. That’s 365 days from today. Sarah from The Laughing Medusa does this every year, and she makes it look really fun!

Birthday List

  1. visit a new country
  2. run a new 10K or half marathon
  3. visit Cornwall
  4. have my astrological chart drawn up
  5. write another song
  6. find the perfect tarot deck
  7. write a letter to Jo Rowling
  8. stargaze
  9. volunteer
  10. ride a new roller coaster
  11. learn a new card game
  12. perform
  13. add crystals
  14. go fruit picking
  15. have a picnic
  16. visit the Isle of Skye
  17. play croquet
  18. see a Shakespeare play I haven’t seen before
  19. take an art class
  20. have a spa day
  21. celebrate Midsummer
  22. join a book club
  23. attend a festival

Any ideas for number 24?

 miss xandra bee

My latest project. [I'm giddy.]

My latest project. I'm giddy.

It is with utter delight that I announce the birth of a new project: Heroine Training.

Writing Becoming My Own Heroine got me thinking. When I de-clutter my life, I leave room for the essential things that define me as a heroine.

Heroine Training is a hub for creativity and self-empowerment. It is the conjunction of fictional worlds, a guidebook for your own travels and trainings.

Get your pencils ready for Lesson 1: How to Keep a Personal Journal, then read Sarah [The Laughing Medusa]‘s guest travel guide: East London Fit for Heroine. Warning: May cause extreme wanderlust.

And that’s just the free content. More on some exciting, exclusive offerings very soon!

miss xandra bee

Mini Adventure: Atomic Surprise Party

Mini Adventure: Atomic Surprise Party

At the end of June, I was supposed to fly to England in time for my college’s 700th birthday party, but alas. My visa wasn’t back from the UKBA in time, prolonging my stay in the USA. 

Deciding to make the most of it, I flagged a recipe in my favourite cookbook to try for dinner the night I was supposed to fly. “Um, actually, let’s make veggie burgers instead”, my mom suggested. Fine.

I came back from a run the same time Dad and Sister got back from Boston and Mama from the grocery store. “Do you need any help unloading the car?” I asked. “Um, go take a shower.” Fine.

When I came downstairs, Mama told me to pick out toppings from the menu. ?? There was a handmade Atomic Burger menu on the kitchen table.

Mini Adventure: Atomic Surprise Party

Oh. my gosh. My favourite restaurant is the nerdy and wonderful Atomic Burger, as you may know.

Looking up, the mantle was decked out in appropriately nerdy paraphernalia. 

Mini Adventure: Atomic Surprise Party

“Those are your postcards,” Sister explains. “How did you know where they were?” I ask. “Oh, since I’ve been watching crime shows I’ve become way more observant.”

Mini Adventure: Atomic Surprise Party

There was even an alethiometer for Lyra!

Mini Adventure: Atomic Surprise Party
I happen to be wearing my Captain Planet shirt, and Sister runs upstairs to change into her Joker shirt, because if I’m supporting the superhero, she’s supporting the super villain. Same goes for the World Cup.  

Mini Adventure: Atomic Surprise Party

Logan got dressed up too:

Mini Adventure: Atomic Surprise PartyMini Adventure: Atomic Surprise Party

There were milkshakes and root beer floats:Mini Adventure: Atomic Surprise Party

Sci-fries, and Frito Bandito burgers [which I have replicated before]:

Mini Adventure: Atomic Surprise Party

And just when I thought the surprises were over, out came Sweet birthday cupcakes for Exeter College! 

Mini Adventure: Atomic Surprise Party

And a pupcake for Logan, too!

Mini Adventure: Atomic Surprise Party

Thank you, family, for bringing England to me!

miss xandra bee 

Sunday Sampling: Disney Dates and Vegan Toast


♡ The World Cup may be over, but we can pretend like it’s not. What if we all flopped around like footballers? Hysterical.

How to pick what kinds of books to read and more super useful tips.

♡ One of my favourite authors ever completes one of my favourite trilogies ever [so far], so Perpetual Page Turner is hosting a Stephanie Perkins readalong! I’m so there.

♡ How to make an inexpensive outfit look expensive by The Daily Conoisseur – love this blog!

♡ 4 easy yet amazing vegan toast options via my favourite vegan cooking blogger! Seriously, all of Angela Liddon’s recipes I’ve tried are great.

♡ The Good Groupie is a great blog for finding new music.

♡ Cheap dates inspired by Disney movies

Which are your favourites?

miss xandra bee

P.S. This week I’ve been featured on Yes and YesThe Loudmouth Lifestyle, and Miss West End Girl! Wow, thanks everyone :)

Inside My Jewellery Box

Inside My Jewellery Box 

I’m packing up my suitcase for another move, and I thought I’d share everything in my portable jewelry box here!

This week’s episode of FabulosiTEA is on Selecting Signature Jewellery.

Tune in for our full discussion [Here for iTunes!]:

Xandra Necklace

^ A “Carrie” necklace had been on my wish list for a while, so when oNecklace offered to send me one, I said yes please! If you would like your own, you can use the coupon code FASHION to get 10% off.

Inside My Jewellery Box

The Dino

My signature pink dino necklace is from a keyring I had in kindergarten. I use the chain from my Deathly Hallows necklace below.

Kate Spade Jewels

I love the bright colours, so I snatched this one up in a sale.

Inside My Jewellery Box

Pac Man Necklace

This Etsy find was a Christmas present, and I love how the dots sort of make it look like a pearl necklace. Only nerdier.

Inside My Jewellery Box


While I have been known to wear actual climbing gear as hats, belts, and capes, this piece merely reminds me of the sport. A present from my aunt, from Georgetown Jewelry!

Inside My Jewellery Box


I bought this lightning bolt necklace straight from the I Am Acrylic designer at a market, and she said that a Harry Potter reference was unintentional! Still. The Deathly Hallows necklace is from a vendor at LeakyCon.

Inside My Jewellery Box

Big Dipper, Small Penguin

These are presents from The Monkey, and are automatically included in each of my capsule collections. The Ursa Major necklace is also from Etsy.

What are your signature pieces?

miss xandra bee

 P.S. thoughts on sentimental jewellery and how to define it

Being a Heroine

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