Mini Adventure: Getting Organised with Cake

Mini Adventure: Getting Organised with Cake

In the inevitable small talk of freshers week, someone asked if I had adjusted to the city and found my local watering hole. I answered with a straight face that yes, I found my tea and cake place. Because that’s what it’s all about. Meet Lovecrumbs, my peaceful sugary refuge of baking delights, host to cushioned seating in the front window and at the back piano. 

Mini Adventure: Getting Organised with Cake

My delayed wifi situation was the perfect excuse to frequent this place Quite Often, and I seem to be unable to shake the habit. Yesterday afternoon, the Monkey and I stopped in for post-cycle-round-the-Meadows slices of cake. I also brought a canvas bag of notebooks and my laptop to tackle my pre-semester organisation.

Mini Adventure: Getting Organised with Cake

Lovecrumbs has a new [literal] cabinet of fresh cakes every day with seasonal ingredients and mismatched plates. My top three so far are the caramel chocolate brownie, the rose or violet chocolate tart, and their pistachio and cardamom cake.

Mini Adventure: Getting Organised with Cake

Something about being in a lovely café inspires calm and eases overwhelming tasks, don’t you think?

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Sunday Sampling: Dress up like Batman

Sunday Sampling: Dress up like Batman

♡ what the happiest families have in common: how organized!

♡ tips from a minimalist newbie, my friend Mo!

♡ for those of you lucky enough to go blackberry picking, here are some well-photographed tips

♡ Alexis said no to frivolous spending last month and yes to creative alternatives!

♡ Cazz’s 29th birthday celebrations remind me that wearing Batman-themed outfits is not just for kids.

♡ Margaret Atwood wrote a novel to be published 100 years from now! And she’s not the only one… what do you think of the future library?

♡ classic novels in emojis: a quiz for book nerds :)

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Things I Learned from having No Internet at Home

Things I Learned from having No Internet at Home

I just moved to a new flat, and thought I would be a day or two without Internet, but certainly not over a week. Which was the case. This was terrible timing for launching Blogwarts, keeping on schedule with blogging and FabulosiTEA, and revising for online business school. But in the end, I learned that even with such pressing commitments, it was totally doable. I learned a lot of other things too, like:

I don’t get as much email as I think I do.

It’s okay not to know things sometimes.

Sometimes finding things out without the Internet is more fun, or more lasting, like pouring over a map to find a street rather than Google Maps-ing it.

When I don’t have Internet, I am on my computer less, so my eyes are more rested, and I sleep better.

Without Internet, I read more.

I love 8tracks playlists, but without Internet I enjoy my own music more.

I watch things more mindfully, because I have to download them ahead of time.

When the Internet came back, I kept opening my laptop without agenda to combat boredom.

The Internet simplifies a lot of things. But it is also a vast distraction and should be approached with awareness.

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Mini Adventure: Jurassic Park with My Dinosaur

Mini Adventure: Jurassic Park with My Dinosaur

The Monkey and I have only been Edinburghians for a couple of weeks, and we’re already addicted to the Cameo – a cinema celebrating its centennial year, that is as gorgeously vintage as its age suggests. 

Mini Adventure: Jurassic Park with My Dinosaur

This weekend I got to see Jurassic Park for the first time [as a kid I'd only seen the sequel!], and because I always dress for the occasion, I wore my dino necklace, brought along some dino egg sweets [or so I dubbed them] , and invited Little Guy to join.

Mini Adventure: Jurassic Park with My Dinosaur

As it turns out, having something soft to hug is ideal for a 10pm showing. 

Mini Adventure: Jurassic Park with My Dinosaur

Is it just me, or is it more fun to see classic films at the cinema than new ones?

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Sunday Sampling: Get Your Mojo Back


♡ The complete, illustrated guide to getting your mojo back

♡ Previously unarticulated in my head, but Blake Lively’s secret is my own: To hide, go bold.

♡ Behind the Cat (or not cat) that is Hello Kitty“She doesn’t have this insipid cuteness. It’s something clever and creative which contributes to a certain cool factor.

♡ “tears are words that need to be written” & other amazing advice about navigating sadness 

♡ A question for literary types: how do you define a spoiler?

♡ 7 practices for creative minds: a clever and varied list!

♡ I’ve taken this advice to heart: how to create your own sacred space

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