Mini Adventure: Café Crawling in Edinburgh

Mini Adventure: Café Crawling

Whether reading Brecht and Ionesco for my masters degree or typing this very blog post, in fact, a lovely café is my workspace of choice. I know from past visits to Edinburgh, and from Lindsay’s round up of favourite coffee places here during her year abroad that I am spoiled with options in this city. 

To avoid simply parking at my local Lovecrumbs ^ every day, I’ve vowed to go on a year-long café crawl, sampling various teas, cakes, and atmospheres to make my work a shade brighter.

Mini Adventure: Café Crawling

The crawl started at Brew Lab, a truly artisan coffee bar – you know, the kind that, when they say coffee, they mean coffee. I love my affogatos and PSLs as much as the next girl [uh, probably a bit more to be honest], but this is classic joint is all about quality and finesse. I mean, my coffee arrived on a platter. The pulsing beat and rumble of chatter made this the perfect place for me to mutter Oedipus Rex aloud without bothering anyone.

Mini Adventure: Café Crawling

For a colorful, sophisticated yet girlish style, pull up a chair at Eteaket before the afternoon tea crowd hits. Brew Lab is to coffee as Eteaket is to teas: They have a full, massive page of offerings, and I’ve seen their loose leaf selections in other cafés and shops across town. Perfect for morning journalling and Heroine Training lesson planning.

Mini Adventure: Café Crawling

“None of the cutlery matches” was all I needed to hear to be persuaded to meet at Spoon for a pre-class theatre chat. This utterly shabby chic space is hidden away on a first floor landing on Nicholson Street. To those familiar with Oxford’s haunts, this may just be my new TSK. I hear they have the best soup in town, but so far I can only speak for their cake, which is exquisitely flavourful and not too sweet, just the way I like it. This cheery, rustic space makes the most tedious of assignments tolerable.

You can follow my #cafecrawl on Instagram [And join in, if you'd like!] :)

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P.S. Why I write in coffeeshops

Sunday Sampling: Create What You Believe In


♡ Could you buy nothing for a year? These roommates saved over $55,000!

♡ A very systematic way to find out where to splurge in your wardrobe budget.

♡ Got blogger block? Kat has a list of 30 things to blog about when you’re feeling uninspired!

♡ I’ll be taking Lindsay’s 10K training tips to heart.

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How to Stay Colourful, Creative, and Sane

How to Stay Colourful, Creative, and Sane

I purchased a pack of Crayola crayons for my Girl Power Pizza Party, and they ended up in my new flat. On the dinner table. With some paper.

How to Stay Colourful, Creative, and Sane

The flat is beautiful – elegant even – but didn’t feel fun or colourful enough. So I put our guests to work, and now we have crayon masterpieces in every nook.

How to Stay Colourful, Creative, and Sane

All our meal planning and shopping are now done in crayon too, and I’ve never been more successful with my daily Non-Negotiables list, which now gives me the simple incentive to COLOUR!

How to Stay Colourful, Creative, and Sane

It’s a fun, cheap, easy way to add some personality, and remember that time when friends came to visit.

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Mini Adventure: Shakespeare in a Multistory Carpark


When I put “see a Shakespeare play I haven’t seen before” on my Birthday List, what I really meant was see Titus Andronicus, which is one of my favourites. At first it’s so gruesome it’s shocking, then it’s so shocking it’s hilarious. It’s Shakespeare totally making fun of the audience for taking itself so seriously: “You want gore? I GIVE YOU TITUS.”


My desire to see Titus exploded into necessity when I found a production starring some Drowned Man actors, taking place in a London multistory carpark, with parkour and beat boxing. So. Cool.

I wish I could tell everyone to run and get tickets, but it was also cool to see their final performance. I can tell you that it ended with a gorgeous view of London’s nighttime skyline, and a pizza pie. Now I need to see Richard III.

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Sunday Sampling: Be Legendary


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♡ Marketa has a cute little map of her brain. What’s in your brain?

♡ How to be Legendary: a great collection of clips and inspiration from Old Hollywood’s femme fatales!

I am so intrigued by the Library of Scent, and plan to study their guide to creating your bespoke scent!

♡ I have a dream that everyone starts cleaning their houses in rollerblades – and other quirky, utopian dreams.

♡ As usual, Ché’s advice is adorably down-to-earth. Here’s her guide to choosing a career path.

♡ I’m obsessed with these recycled fairy houses that I found whilst seeking inspiration for my Kingdom of Recyclum!

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