Sunday Sampling: Craft Some Magic


♡ Fabulous inspiration for starting your day with purpose

♡ Why you need to move at least 5 times in your life: as someone who’s lived in 9 cities and 3 countries I back this up completely! 

♡ A simple, free meditation, or just play the music in the background and you’ll feel calmer already!

♡ Are you choosing the right kind of challenges? Here’s how to tell the difference between a leap and a slog.

♡ A family lives in this super cool space atop Seattle’s Smith tower! I like how they display their books.

♡ An excellent guide to thrifting in style and on the cheap.

♡ Because who doesn’t love crafts and magic?

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13 Ways to Lift Yourself Out of an Energy Slump

Ways to Lift Yourself Out of an Energy Slump
Maybe it’s the days getting shorter, maybe my flat is just too comfy, but I’ve been fighting the slumps lately.
The bright side: now I have a list of tried and true strategies for energizing myself, and I’ve ordered them from least to most amount of effort required. Find your place on the lazy scale and get hopping!

♡ Sit up. Get off the couch or out of bed and sit in an actual chair.

♡ Drink water. You should be a full glass within arm’s reach at all times, right? Sometimes I think I’m sleepy but I’m just dehydrated.

♡ Open a window. Let in some fresh air. 

♡ Make a cup of tea. It’s not great to rely on caffeine to stay awake, but even de-caff helps, because the act of putting on the kettle and awakening your taste buds will wake up the rest of you too.

♡ Sing along. Singing engages your abs, gets you working on your breath, and is a great emotional release as well. I recommend 1989.

♡ Journal. A couple of sentences about how lazy I’m feeling makes me feel silly enough to get up. Here’s my guide to getting started.

Brush your teeth. Feel that much fresher.

♡ Phone a friend. We get by with a little help from our friends, after all. Stop focusing on yourself and be awake for the sake of someone else.
♡ Take a shower. Get clean.
♡ Dress up. Dress awake, feel awake. Extra credit for putting on makeup that should discourage you from putting your head on the pillow.
♡ Go for a walk, even a short one. Soak up some vitamin D and breathe in the great outdoors.
♡ Take yourself out for coffee. Get out of your room and out in public, where it isn’t socially acceptable to lie your head down on the table.
♡ Exercise. Go for a quick jog, do a yoga or workout video, go for a cycle. something to get the heart pumping.
What do you do to drag yourself out of a slump?
miss xandra bee
P.S. You could also just watch a film that inspires productivity. <– Here are some of my favourites!

#1day12pics: A Typical Saturday

#1day12pics: A Typical SaturdayInstead of a mini adventure, I thought I’d document a typical day, #1day12pics style. I had so much fun with Gala’s #lovetober challenge that I couldn’t wait to hop onto Michelle and Emma’s

1. 1 November is Harry Potter day, so Deathly Hallows pride hung from my neck.

2. I couldn’t find a bookmark, so I used this friendship bracelet from The Darling.

#1day12pics: A Typical Saturday3. The Holyrood 9A filled my rumbling tummies and my eye for aesthetics.

4. We didn’t do anything particularly special, just walked around the city, but what a city it is!

#1day12pics: A Typical Saturday5. Castle in autumn.

6. Popped into Timberyard to make reservations for this weekend. What a gorgeous, rustic chic of a hidden gem!

#1day12pics: A Typical Saturday7. Shopping time. Finally stepped in Walter Slater, which is full of cosy design details.

8. Flowers at Godiva, my favourite boutique!

#1day12pics: A Typical Saturday9. Armchair Books is always worth a browse. You never know what you’ll find hidden among the crowded shelves!

10. My favourite weekend tradition is our trip to the farmers’ markets. The fruit bowl is ready to start the week!

#1day12pics: A Typical Saturday

11. Toothbrushes in a Butterbeer tumbler.

12. Night night!

Know any good Instagram challenges? I’m getting addicted…

miss xandra bee

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Sunday Sampling: Keep Only What Sparks Joy


♡ Discard everything that does not “spark joy” and other lessons in decluttering

♡ Halloween may be over, but we can still add magic! Some house-witchery tips.

 ♡ Natalie Berry’s bouldering tips apply also to life. Even if you aren’t a climber, skim the headlines and you’ll see what I mean!

♡ “The scariest moment is always just before you start.” – Stephen King, and 27 other inspirational quotes for writers!

♡ Tips for packing so light you can travel around the world!

♡ Dressing for winter can be both colourful and fabulous.

♡ Of COURSE I’m obsessed with this list: 7 Weekly Rituals for a Superhero Life

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5 Woolly Winter Essentials

5 Woolly Winter Essentials

As the autumn chill enters, so do my favourite woolly accessories. With these cuddly pieces, I am armed for winter!

1. Over-the-Knee Socks ^

I tend to wear tights through the winter, so my best trick is to wear warm tall socks over top. They can be rolled up or down, so perfect for transitioning to sweltering indoor heat or for working up a sweat on a brisk walk. These are from Cath Kidston, and also happen to be adorable.

2. A Scarf to Wrap Around My Face

5 Woolly Winter Essentials

As I learned from Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, there are many ways to wear a scarf. It can simply hang from your neck, or you can tie it in place to fight the wind. My favourite is to start with the end and wrap tight layers around my neck when it’s really cold! This is my Exeter College scarf because I have mad college pride.

3. Cashmere Leggings

When cold comes to freezing, these haven’t failed me yet. Great as pajamas or to wear out, the only problem is sometimes they’re TOO warm. These are from BCBG and have lasted me a couple of years so far.

4. Cashmere Fingerless Gloves

5 Woolly Winter Essentials

These recycled cashmere Turtle Dove gloves from Indigo are perfect because I can still use my fingers, but they keep my wrists and hands super warm. If I’m especially cold I can ball my fingers into a fist and so far that’s been warm enough.

5. Woolly Hat! ^

If my head is warm, the rest of me is that much warmer. When I couldn’t figure out my heating last winter I even wore this thing to sleep. Hey, pixie cuts are cold. This one is from Forms, one of my favourite nooks in Camden.

What are your wintery essentials?

miss xandra bee

P.S. throwback to last year’s woolly wonders… 

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